Speed Up When the Economy Slows

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The Times they are a-Changing. And so is the Contact Centre.
It’s only when you get to engage directly with customers that you get to see first hand the effects that the current global economic situation is having on their businesses.

In the early days of VoIP (circa 2000), the long distance carriers would grow misty-eyed about the possibilities of using an IP pipe to transport data and voice packets around the local exchange carrier. After some fits and starts, SIP trunking has achieved a critical mass of solid vendor support, strong customer interest, and attractive service provider options. Sure, it brings end-to-end SIP communications to businesses. But SIP trunking is also a great way to lower telecom bills.

In the beginning of VoIP, one of the key selling points of IP-based trunking was cost reduction. You'd eliminate per minute toll charges for both local calls and on-network calls to other offices. (Not to mention that voice could share the connection with data and ride for free.)

The strategy was a good one: replace variable costs with fixed monthly fees. You'd pay a flat fee to gain access to the provider’s network. Then depending on your requirements, you could purchase additional bandwidth chunks, direct-inward dial capabilities, or perhaps, unlimited "on-net' calls to other locations.

The good news is that with SIP trunking now supported by the major service providers, getting access to a SIP network is not the issue it once was.

But the savings story is not quite over.

A second wave of cost savings is here. The idea is that you centralize those trunks involved in long distance callingthe biggest remaining variable partto a few branch locations, remote facilities or offices.

By bringing your company’s total long distance call volumes to a single service provider, you have more leverage to bargain down the LD rates for even more savings.

So how do you centralize all your trunks and support a single dial plan to get access to long distance calling from any office?

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