Structured Cabling

Qbits will design and install a structured cabling system following TIA/EIA standards. Our on-going comprehensive training programs provided by accredited institutions, leading data communication equipment manufactures and industry specialists, ensures that our staff is current and knowledgeable in the latest technology advancements and services.

Utilizing our expertise, we can help you incorporate all of your data, voice and wireless applications into a common design, to maximizing network and hardware efficiencies for successful deployment of your business resources.

We offer a variety of cabling and connectivity products from leading manufactures. This diversity makes us uniquely flexible to help the right system for your company.

Fiber Optics
Our philosophy is to only carry the best. We are serious about providing high-performance, top quality networking components. As a customer that has to depend on the installed equipment, you should be just as serious, and that's why we only offer the best. All of our connectors are triple-tested, and you will receive individual test results for each patch cable or cable we install. Our philosophy is to supply only the best, so that our customers know that they can always depend on Qbits Telecom Inc.

Singlemode 8/125 (OS1) Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 2km

Multimode 50/125 (OM3) Gigabit Ethernet an 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 300m

Multimode 62.5/125 (OM1) Datacomms

Manufactures we proudly use:
  • Leviton
  • Mohawk
  • Belkin
  • Commscope (Unipirse)
  • Systimax
  • Panduit

Leasing Options

Sale & Lease Back

Many companies need working capital for expansion and do not want to use their bank lines for working capital. We have a program where we can use the equity in your existing equipment to give your company the working capital it needs. We buy your equipment and lease it back to you and when all the payments are made you own the equipment again.

Startup Program

Most financial institutions will not finance companies that are just going into business. If your company has just started in business, or is in business for a short time usually less than two years, we can help you grow by financing the equipment you need to be successful.

Interest Free Financing enables you to offer low
monthly payments to your customers without
having to discount the price of your system.

Here’s how it works:
  • Take the system cost and divide it by 30
  • That’s your Monthly Payment with a Fair Market Value
Purchase Option
Example: Phone System Cost: $10,000
$10,000 divided by 30 = No Payments
for the first 2 months and then
30 payments of $333.33
Fair Market Value Purchase Option

Purchase Option:
Customers can...
  • Purchase the system for FMV at End of Lease Term
  • Renew the lease, Return the system and/or Upgrade into a new system which increases repeat business for you!
For companies 0 – 6 months in business
based on the following conditions:
  • Minimum credit bureau report (CBR) score of 700
  • Minimum: 5 lines of credit, $3,000 high credit and 4 years personal credit history on principal’s CBR
  • Confirmation of business ownership (i.e. business license or tax certificate)
  • Maximum term is 36 months and 3 payments security deposit is required
  • Call for new business rate sheet
  • Maximum approval is $10,000