Q-bits and Avaya go Green

How can we live lightly on the Earth and save money at the same time? Staff members at Q-bits communications, an environmental advocate, share ideas on how to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN at home and at work.

Technology change is in the news. It seems like everyone's "going green." We're glad you want to take action, too. Luckily, many of the steps we can take to change and make our Business better.

Let's start now.

Save energy to save money.

Avaya today announced that its combined Go Green IP telephony solution is set to reduce US businesses carbon footprint through dramatically reducing electricity usage of its phones, with energy savings between 50 and 75 percent compared to the current solution.

Less gas = more money

When key employees are out of touch, even for a few moments, important

decisions get delayed. Customer needs go unmet. Sales are lost. Avaya IP Office

mobility solutions give employees the communications capabilities needed to

keep them connected and ready to do business anywhere at anytime.

Shop Smart

Q-bits will design a perfect cost effective Avaya Solution.

Avaya IP Office IP telephony delivers real world business benefits through improved efficiency and decreased costs. It will enable you to adopt IP technology at a pace that is appropriate for your needs, working in parallel with more traditional telephony methods.

Skip overages

Pay less Get more Q-bits has a Solution to SAVE on your local, Long Distance, Network, Web, Structural Cable and Video expensive.

Delete rather than throw paper away

Get all your faxes, emails, contacts, appointments, Transfer all your Pdf to your Blackberry, Gps, all in One Screen

Save millions of trees just by a ONE Click away

Borrow instead of buying.

Many companies need working capital for expansion and do not want to use their bank lines for working capital. We have a program where we can use the equity in your

existing equipment to give your company the working capital it needs. We buy your equipment and lease it back to you and when all the payments are made you own the equipment again.

GO GREEN and Save GREEN!!!

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